The Life List of

Julia Coash




       Prevent a life from ending

       Get into a college I am happy with

       Become fluent in at least 2 languages other than English

       Get married and stay married

       Have kids

       Be best friends with my kids

       Go skydiving

       Travel as much as I can to cool and unusual places

       Live in Australia

       Live in NYC

       Have at least one dog as an adult

       Stay close/become closer with my parents

       Keep a best friend forever

       Hide my true self from no one

       Tell everyone I love how appreciated they are

       Stay involved in sports

       Study abroad

       Go swimming in the dead sea

       Go horseback riding on the beach

       Buy an old beat up wrangler

       Hold enough balloons to float

       Go Bungee jumping

       Hang out with a few bands

       Live in the moment

       Die knowing I had an overall satisfying life.