The Life List of

Matthew DiRe 



Grow a beard

Record an Album with Matt Baer and go on tour

Do Canadian things with Mr. McRae

Get hit by a car (and live)

Get as good as Matt Cysner at Rock Climbing

Have a "thing" with a foreign super model

Learn to drive stick

Splash Danny Glass with muddy water from a street puddle with a Ferrari

Go to an Ivy League College

Learn how to sing

add the word "TSIIIIIICK" to the dictionary

Condition Jacob Seidman never to say "GUD1" ever again

Figure everything out about the BallSmack Theorem and publish a paper

Create POWERTHIRST!!!!!!!

Get really good at rollerblading/ice skating

Find out what else there is in life other than being really really
ridiculously good looking

Accumulate copious amounts of money

Inseminate my wife and have children

Name one of my children Nicky, another Ricky, and another Bert

Buy a house/apartment next to Nicky Pyle and live there for the rest
of my life

Buy Fox News and have it destroyed

Collect swords

Be better than my brother at SOMETHING

Marry the girl of my dream(s)

Survive when Dr. Ruck explodes the universe

Repopulate the human race with several foreign super models and or the
girl of my dream(s)

Figure out what the wrapper around the bottom of a muffin is called

Finish this life list (complete)