The Life List of

Destiny Diaz 



1) pass my driving test on my first try.
2) graduate with a gpa of at least 90
3) go to a good college
4) get married
5) have kids
6) become a teacher
7) ride in a helicopter
8) go on a shopping spree in the mall of America
9) walk down the red carpet at the golden globe awards
10) be on the show desperate housewives but not as a housewife
11) own a vacation mansion on my own private island
12) visit every state in the US
13) visit every continent in the world
14) bake a ten story cake
15) learn chinese/ korean so I can know what the ladies say about me in the nail salon
16) win the lotto
17) buy a boat
18) go to my ten year high school reunion
19) go on a road trip with my best friends
20) design my entire dream house inside and out
21) adopt a puppy
22) dissect a frog
23) dissect a human brain
24) live to see my great grandchildren
25) donate my body to science when I die