The Life List of

Daniella D'Ippolito




  1. Travel all around Europe
  2. Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  3. Learn to ski
  4. Learn to snowboard
  5. Go tubing
  6. Go bungee jumping
  7. Go to college
  8. Get a good job
  9. Make a lot of money
  10. Go to Hawaii
  11. Go in a hot air balloon
  12. Go parasailing
  13. Go on a gondola
  14. Go to paris to see the Eiffel Tower
  15. Be proposed to at the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center
  16. Get married
  17. Have 2 kids
  18. Jump off a rope into a river
  19. Go white water rafting
  20. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center
  21. Spend New Years in the city to see the ball drop