The Life List of

Blair Finkel


1. Graduate High School with high honors
2. Attend and Graduate the college of my dreams
3. Get a business/ law degree
4. Get married at the Oheka Castle
5. Have 1 kid (boy)
6. Be rich and successful and marry someone rich and successful
7. Find a cure to cancer
8. Bowl a 300
9. Be the lead in a movie
10. Live in a penthouse in the city
11. Sing in front of an audience
12. Own and Audi R8
13. Guest star on Gossip Girl
14. Be the Blair Waldorf of Harrison High School
15. Write a song that becomes #1 on the Top 40
16. Write and Publish a book
17. Live to be 100
18. Donate $1,000 to the American Heart Association every year
19. Find out that I am the long lost sister of the Jonas Brothers
20. Have Vera Wang design my Wedding dress
21. Go to Spain
22. Got to France
23. Go to Madrid
24. Visit the 7 wonders of the World
25. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
26. Take a road trip to California
27. Eat Sushi in Tokyo
28. Eat pasta in Italy
29. Go to a pub in Dublin
30. Become best friends with Taylor Lautner
31. Take cooking lessons from Bobby Flay
32. Learn guitar from the members of Aerosmith
33. Figure skate in the Olympics
34. Be the first woman to walk on the moon
35. Date some in the NFL, NHL, NBA, & MLB
36. Go skydiving on my 18th birthday
37. Learn how to fly a plane
38. Be the editor of a magazine
39. Hit a homerun in yankee stadium
40. See a game and buy a hat from every baseball stadium in America