The Life List of

Michael Goldman 



         Take a vacation to Hawaii

         Bench press more than my brother

         Meet all the New York Knicks players

         Go to China and see Stephon Marbury play basketball

         Own a Bentley when I am an adult

         Dunk in a basketball game

         Learn how to play the drums

          Do none of my homework for one night

         Go to at least 5 European countries

         Make a half court shot during halftime at an NBA game

         Become number one in the world at Madden 11

         Make a song with Drake

         Do the Blazing Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings

         Go to Las Vegas and forget everything that happened

         Drive on the Autobahn

         Ski a double black diamond

         Sky dive

         Be on Sports Centers Top 10 Plays

         Go on the school loud speaker and say HELLO

         Meet the most interesting man in the world

         Have Kaplan say HELLO in my voice

         Go to temple with Amare Stoudemire