The Life List of

Juuli Huttunen


         Find out the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone for myself.

         Find a cure for regret (at least one that works for me)

         Make a wish on 11/11/11 11:11:11

         Come up with a legitimate wish for the date stated above

         Never to be able to describe myself in 5 words or less

         Live in the following places for at least a year: Spain, Italy, India, England

         Be important enough to host SNL, and actually do it

         Have an impact on politics

         Always be in charge of my own life

         Learn how to stop over thinking

         Be able to complement myself confidently

         Learn how to speak 5 languages fluently (I currently know Finnish and English and am working on Latin and French. Spanish would be the next language to conquer)

         Learn about all the worlds religions in depth (at least the major ones)

         Do a meditation period most preferably in India without a set time limit where I learn how to meditate (could be linked to learn how to stop over thinking)

         Learn about the stars

         Figure out why people do the things they do. Could be in the form of a psychology class.

         Graduate college

         Get a tattoo that I will never regret