The Life List of

Ben Konigsberg


  1. Go Wing suit sky diving
  2. Go to every single continent
  3. Live in a different country
  4. Run a 54. 400h before leaving high school
  5. Get married to a women I truly am in love with
  6. Have 3 kids
  7. Go to Israel
  8. Jump off a Water fall
  9. Climb to the top of Mt. Owen
  10. Ski the Grand Teton
  11. Learn to do a back flip
  12. Do the Worlds Hardest Pushup
  13. Learn to do a back flip while skiing
  14. Ski corbets couloir again
  15. Go Heli-skiing
  16. Run track in college
  17. Live my life to the fullest and always be the best that I can be
  18. Go to Italy
  19. Play soccer with kids in Brazil
  20. Play sports outside of college (leagues)
  21. Bungee Jump again
  22. Take my children all around the world
  23. Go to the great wall of China
  24. Learn to Surf
  25. Be Myself