The Life List of

J.T. Nangle




Get married to a beautiful women alex misisco

Be a good father

Have a well paying job that I enjoy

Be an All-American swimmer

Complete an iron man or tough man triathalon

Crash a wedding

Drive a race car

Attend a super bowl

Drink a dos equis with the most interesting man in the world

Make someones life better

Shake hands with the president

Join the mile high club

Raise kids that appreciate what they have

Be a scratch golfer

Go to McDonalds, and order a Wopper, insist that they have the wopper, then storm out in anger making a scene.

Attend a world series game

Play in a high stakes poker game

Graduate from college

Graduate from high school with some sort of distinction or honors

Start a food fight

Be successful enough that my family and grandchildren can live very comfortably

Make some sort of lasting impact on the world

Fall in love more then once
Once With alex misisco

Go to Australia and drink a fosters beer with a native

Convince a women that I am Walt Disney

Vote in every presidential election I can

Go into a bank and then in line. Then start putting on gloves and a mask and tell the person in front of me "now would be a good time to leave."

Have a lengthy conversation with someone in the MLB hall of fame.

Be in a brawl

Go into a fancy restaurant and repeatedly send my food back while speaking with a fake french accent

Wrangle with a sword fish

Die a happy, satisfied man