The Life List of

Adriano Pierroz


Go skydiving

Travel the world

Be on the amazing race with Alexandria Brown

Change someone’s life for the better

Live in Italy for a year

Live in New York City for a while

Graduate from a good college

Study abroad

Fly a plane

Be in a movie

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Get married

Have kids

Be a good parent

Learn to surf

Break a Guinness world record

Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

Remain physically fit

Run with the bulls

Go see an Inter Milan game

Own a Ferrari

Own my own corporation

Sail around the world

Learn how to play the piano

Own several pets

Get rich

Win the lotto

Travel to outer space

Go to a rave

Run in a marathon

Visit all 7 continents

Stay together with my girlfriend Alexandria for as long as possible

Die happy

Finish as many things on this list as possible.