The Life List of

Alexis Rubenstein


         Follow my dreams

         Move to somewhere out of New York

         Travel to the 7 wonders of the World

         Backpack through Europe

         Be a millionaire

         Own 10 homes located all around the world

         Live Abroad for 2 years or more

         Marry someone who loves me

         Have 4 kids

         Have 4 dogs

         Become a grandmother

         Attend the Summer or Winter Olympics

         Compete in the Summer or Winter Olympics

         Organize a Flash Dance

         Ski some of the greatest Mountains

         Write an autobiography that people will want to read

         Become a skilled surfer

         Be on Glee

         Become a Forensic Psychologist

         Or have a successful job I am happy with it

         Live past 100

         Attend a great college

         Write for a fashion magazine

         Ski Dive

         Star in  a Hollywood Movie

         Host the Oscars

         Host the MTV Movie Awards

         Be on the Bachelor or be the Bachelorette

         Be on the cover of Vogue

         Make sure my kids are talented athletes