The Life List of

Logan Schwartz



       Meet Mikhail Prokhorov, and chill with him for a day.

       Ask to have one of his GIANT yachts (one of the missing ones)

       Be an NBA GM

       Re-visit Israel

       Go to a Super Bowl

       Write something for ESPN or Sports Illustrated

       Learn to speak 4 languages

       Win the lottery

       Ask Kevin Garnett ďwhat is possible?Ē

       Graduate high school

       Get into college

       Graduate college

       Eventually, obtain a job in which I am happy

       Live in at least one other country.

       Have Morgan Freeman narrate everything I do for a day

       Be a play by play man for Sunday Night Baseball or Monday Night Football


Realize that either:

---time travel isnít possible, and thatís why we donít see any futuristic people around


---the time in which we live is extremely boring, so no time travelers want to come


       make my children learn Chinese, Arabic or Afrikaans

       go to the 2012 Olympics in London

       have no regrets