The Life List of

Doug Shulman


        Attend the super bowl and the Olympics

        Snorkel the great barrier reef

        Fish for black marlin in South Africa

        Visit the concentration camps

        Learn about my Great Grandma who recently passed away and understand her amazingly fulfilled life

        Go to College


        Successfully parallel park

        Learn how to fillet my fresh caught fish

        Be able to take constructive criticism without getting mad

        Fire a rifle

        Learn how to fly a plane

        Complete a Marathon

        Play Pebble Beach Golf Course

        Ski the Andes

        Become fluent in Spanish

        See an Olympic hockey game (U.S vs Canada)

        Build a house for Habitat for Humanity

        Visit New Orleans and help with rebuilding

        Attend a world cup match which has the host country in it

        Come face to face with a tamed lion

        Help someone in need of help

        Go dog sledding