The Life List of

Amanda Suhre




         Go skydiving

         Go bungee jumping

         Go parasailing

         Ride in a hot air balloon

         Visit all 50 states of USA

         Road trip around the country from the east to west coast

         Go on vacation to Ireland

         Go on vacation to Bermuda

         Go on vacation to Aruba

         Understand how to play football

         Learn to ski

         Swim with dolphins

         Visit New Zealand and go zorbing

         Jump into water off a cliff

         Visit the Grand Canyon

         Go to Canada

         Visit Niagara Falls

         Take a picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

         Go on the roller coaster in Las Vegas on top of a strip mall

         Climb the Statue of Liberty

         Go up the Empire State Building

         Visit all 7 continents

         Study abroad for one semester in college

         Graduate college after 4 years

         Marry my soul mate

         Start and raise a family

         Own a brown dachshund and name him Charlie

         Buy a nice home

         Go to Times Square on New Years Eve

         Try to enjoy eating Sushi

         Zip line into water

         Go in a bungee ball at an amusement park