The Life List of

Jared Aber

  Go in outer space
  Find out the meaning of life
  Listen to every cd ever made by all the artists I like
  Have a conversation with Bob Marley


Go to as many concerts as possible


Become a great musician


Play the drums on the moon


Remember how and what I thought about when I was 2 and 7


Own a lot of amazing art
  See all the constellations in the sky
  See every Seinfeld and Simpsonís episode
  Travel to all different parts of the world
  Have a conversation with all the members of Pink Floyd and Dave Matthews Band
  Have a conversation with Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix
  Go to heaven
  Paint something great
  Remember all the dreams Iíve ever had
  Find out if people have already lived other lives
  Eat the best food made every meal
  Play music in front of thousands of people
  Drive a racecar
  Travel on a horse
  See the best sunset in the world
  Be at the best view from a mountain top in the world
  learn how to surf
  own a boat