The Life List of

Maya Abinakad

  Buy something off the home shopping network
  Eat 4 saltines in a minute
  Go to Australia
  Drive through a big pile of leaves


Become a celebrity


Win the Lotto


Buy a horse


Get my masters


Water-ski off a ramp
  Get married


Have kids
  Go dirt biking
  Be the voice of a cartoon character on a TV show (or movie)
  Hook up with Adam Brody =)
  Go white water rafting
  Buy a Ferrari
  Get laser eye surgery
  Buy shoes with the wheels that pop out
  Swim in the Nile River
  Open a shelter for the homeless
  Have a fun job that I enjoy
  Go to an award show after party
  Spend $500 on candy
  Go clubbing with Mary-Kate and Ashley
  Write a book
  Run in a charity marathon
  Work for a magazine
  Play soccer in a professional game
  Swim in a pool of Jell-O
  Visit Alaska
  Build a water slide from my room to the pool
  Swim with dolphins
  Open my own restaurant or club (and franchise it)
  Invent something that people will buy
  Be on the Real World
  Ride on a bike taxi in the city
  Date "THE HOT GUY FROM THE GYM!!" (haha he IS hott, Kaplan!)
  Meet the president
  Go on a hot air balloon
  Save someone's life
  Spend a summer in France
  Enter a sand castle contest
  Spend $5,000 in a casino
  Go on a safari
  Open a successful charity that makes a difference
  Drive from New York to California with my friends
  Invent my own food and sell the recipe
  intern at a hospital
  Be and Go cliff jumping
  Open a Starbucks in my house
  Try "frog legs" or "snail" in France
  Keep in shape when I'm an adult
  Be a soccer coach for teenagers or young kids
  Go white water rafting
  Have grandkids