The Life List of

Nicole Benedetto

  Graduate High School and get into a good college
  Play a varsity sport
  Bungee Jump of a bridge in Mexico
  Cliff dive in Can Coon
  Visit all the Caribbean Islands


See every state


Visit every country in Europe


Honeymoon in Italy


Kiss someone in France
  Kiss someone famous


Get arrested for doing something insane
  Talk with a president
  Yell at Martha Stewart
  Have a talk show
  Become a Psychiatrist
  Write a Book and Publish it
  Go to a DMB concert
  Meet all the players on the NY Giants
  Meet Derek Jeter
  Stand on the Equator
  Run in a NY Marathon
  Give up carbs for a month
  Get married and have 3 kids
  Own a House of my own
  Climb a Mountain
  Learn Japanese
  Visit Japan
  Ski down a double black diamond
  Learn how to Snowboard
  Play 2 instruments
  Be in a Sorority
  Learn how to play tennis well