The Life List of

Alexandra Benas

  Visit all seven continents
  Get married
  Study fashion
  Ride a rollercoaster
  Pet a lion


Write and publish a book


Speak fluent French


Get principle's honor role every quarter junior and senior year


Invent something


Go to an Ivy League School
  Participate in the National Honor Society 11th and 12th grade


1290 on SAT
  2300 on New SAT
  Go water skiing
  Bungee jump
  Go on a private plane
  Live in London for a year
  Live in LA for a year
  Visit Niagara Falls
  Live to be 90 years old
  Meet a celebrity
  Visit the Borgata
  Be a vegetarian for a month
  Have three children
  Take scuba diving lessons
  Visit all states in the US
  Take surfing lessons
  Stand on the equator
  Get a 4 on the AP Psychology exam
  Own my own successful business
  Read the Bible
  Swim in all four oceans
  Learn to cook
  Get my license
  Go camping
  Go on a cruise
  Drink espresso at least once
  Fly in a helicopter
  Make a difference in someone's life
  Speak fluent Greek
  Speak fluent Italian
  Go white water rafting
  Adopt a child
  Go to the VMA's
  Visit Hawaii, Aruba, Bermuda, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, the Domenican Republic, and Saint Lucia
  Take singing lessons