The Life List of

Amanda Campo

"here's to you, the good life and and me..."

  get better grades
  graduate in top 50% of class
  graduate high school
  go to a good college


go to art school for a year


go on a few road trips


be on the real world


fall in love


get the most out of my life before I have to settle down and get a job
  get married


raise children successfully
  never get divorced
  live over 100 year
  have grand/great-grandchildren
  be a cool mom and grandma
  stay in touch with friends all my life, so we can reflect on memories when we are older
  be remembered after I die
  retire, and do something productive when I retire
  visit every state, and take a picture next to the "Welcome to [state]" sign
  be in two places at once (state borders, etc)
  complete a triathlon
  attend/be in the Olympics
  live in Florida, Rhode Island, Hawaii, California
  go to Vegas
  learn to juggle
  learn to ice skate
  write a book/movie
  make a movie/book out of my life if it gets cool
  become an artist
  have the people at Microsoft word make a font out of my handwriting
  take up photography
  go to Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Brazil, Japan, Africa, Antarctica
  make British Royal Guards laugh
  learn to play instruments: guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, clarinet
  see every band I like live
  tour with a band
  meet my favorite bands
  go bungee jumping
  enter an eating contest (and maybe win)
  win the lotto
  invent something
  find a cure for a disease
  learn to surf
  always live somewhere warm and by the beach
  go camping with friends
  go to outer space
  visit a volcano
  write a song
  learn to skateboard
  go to warped tour every summer until it gets cancelled
  meet the president
  work for a record company
  get laser vision correction
  visit Amsterdam
  get really good at Dance Dance Revolution
  go to the reunion shows of current bands I like now when I'm older
  get a camcorder, document exploits with friends, and make it into a funny dvd