The Life List of

Alyssa Canonico

  To Graduate from Harrison High School
  Go to college
  Graduate from college with a Masters Degree in education
  To teach history at Harrison High School
  To get married


Have two children


Adopt a child


Travel to Europe (Italy, France and Greece)


Travel to Australia


Run a marathon
  Play volleyball in college


Go to L.A. to see The Sidewalk of Stars
  Swim in every ocean
  See all of The Seven Wonders of the World
  Get over my fear of birds
  Buy a home in Harrison
  Eventually be a part of the United States Army
  Learn a lot of history
  Read all of Shakespeare’s pieces of literature
  Read the whole Bible
  Meet Jerry Seinfeld
  Volunteer at a hospital
  See as many Broadway plays as possible
  Contribute money to help cancer
  Work at a soup kitchens for the homeless
  Learn to cook well
  Take dance classes
  Learn to play the piano
  Be able to do pull ups
  Buy a boat
  Write a book
  Speak fluent Spanish
  Become a good photographer
  Join the Red Cross for a year
  Have grandchildren
  Coach a team
  Go to the mall of America
  Give my hair to Locks of Love
  Visit every state in America
  Watch the top one hundred must see movies
  Be in a movie
  Actually play a football game
  Get kicked out of my lacrosse game
  Design my own clothes
  Own a dance club
  Stay in touch with all my friends from high school after graduation
  Meet Josh Hartnett
  Do as many things on my life list as I can!