The Life List of

Ariel Colangelo

Be either valedictorian or salutatorian of my class
Go to Harvard undergraduate (or any Ivy League School)
Read the entire Old Testament
Go to all 50 states
Go to all 7 continents
Go to Israel
Go to all major European countries
Swim in all 4 Oceans (well, Iím not sure if you can swim in the Arctic Ocean)
Get above a 1450 on my SATs
Have at least 3 kids
Become fluent in Spanish
Be able to read Torah without practicing with the tape
Become friends with a celebrity
Win the lotto in some capacity
Get a Toyota Rav 4
Open a clothing or shoe store
Live in Washington DC, New York City, and Boston
Become a good cook
Pass my drivers test!
Learn more about my ancestors
Go skiing out west
  Be able to master a double black diamond without making a fool of myself
  Have a pet
Be able to play an instrument (well)
Go camping
Sleep outside one night in the snow
Be able to stay under water for a full minute
Meet quintuplets (or anything above that)
Do something that benefits a great number of people (not exactly sure what yet)
Live past 100 years old
Invent something
Be involved in politics or law in some capacity
Be married before I am 30 years old
Go to prom for more than one year
Spend a full day in the sun at the beach (and I mean the whole day)
Be able to eat more than 2 pieces of pizza
Become in better shape (in every way)
Visit the 7 World Wonders
Drive cross country (goes with visiting every state)
Go on a cruise
Get a job that I donít become bored with after a few years
Lead a happy, fulfilled life!!