The Life List of

Jackie Corrado

  Learn three languages fluently (possibly Spanish, French, and Italian.)
  Read a Gabriel García Marquez novel in Spanish.
  Study abroad in England and Spain.
  Live with a local family in a Spanish-speaking country.
  Live and work in Europe.


Live in NYC.


Visit every country I have met someone from.


Visit every state & state capital in the US.


Visit the seven natural wonders esp. the Northern Lights.


Visit the seven ancient wonders (that still exist) & the Great Wall of China.
  Go dog sledding in Alaska.


Read the Bible from cover to cover.
  Go tree planting.
  Start a charity.
  Save someone’s life.
  Fall in love.
  Marry and have children.
  Life to be 100.
  Learn to play guitar.
  Learn photography.
  Invent something (useful).
  Write and publish a book.
  Pass my road test.
  Learn how to drive a stick shift.
  Graduate high school.
  Get into U Penn.
  Go to college.
  Study abroad in England, Spain or both in college.
  Get a Bachelor’s Degree
  Get a Master’s Degree.
  Become the editor of a magazine or newspaper.
  Run the New York marathon.
  Compete in a triathlon.
  Go cliff diving.
  Go bungee jumping.
  Go hang gliding.
  Go rock climbing on real mountains.
  Ski in the Andes, Rockies, and Alps etc…every ski able mountain range.
  Be on a ski patrol.
  Be a volunteer firefighter or EMT or both.
  Learn to surf and face my fear of the ocean.
  Learn to sail and sail down to the Caribbean for a summer.
  Fly without lines (trapeze).
  Get scuba certified.
  Learn about dolphin training.
  Break a Guinness record.
  Learn to fly a plane and get a pilot’s license.
  Meet the cast of Dawson’s Creek and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley.
  Be happy where I am in life and who I’m there with.