The Life List of

Stephanie DiFazio


Go to Europe.


Learn how to speak Italian fluently.

  Learn at least three other languages.
  Go to the Philippines and meet family there that Iíve never met.
  Take ballroom dancing lessons.
  Join the Foreign Service.


Get married and have three kids.


Go to Alaska and meet an Eskimo.


Buy my dad a car that isnít a Toyota.


Go to Georgetown University.


Get a Ph.D.
  Watch every episode of Dawsonís Creek.


Join the Peace Corp.
  Learn how to play a string instrument (guitar, violin)
  Belong to a musical ensemble while in college.
  Get laser eye surgery so Iíll never have to wear contacts.
  Ice skate at Rockefeller Center during Christmas time.
  Convince my parents to sell the house in the Poconos and use the money for better things.
  Become a 2nd degree black belt.
  Watch ďThe Exorcist.Ē
  Go to a Crossfire debate at George Washington University.