The Life List of

Brittany Donino



travel around the world

  buy at least one thing in every store in New York City
  Buy a house in Capri, Italy
  Buy a penthouse apartment on Fifth Ave and Central Park in NYC,


Swim with dolphins


Own a pet monkey


adopt a child


donate $1,000 to every worthwhile charity


get married on the beach


 Live in Italy for a year


Go to Costa Rica for a few weeks


Adopt a doggy that is in the pound


Go cliff jumping, bungee jumping and sky diving


Ride a horse down the beach
  Sing a hit song live on-stage


Meet Jennifer Aniston and the entire cast of FRIENDS


Appear on Joey with the entire cast of FRIENDS


Date someone totally wrong for me


Do something crazy, without thinking about it


Get into Emory


Own my own store


Be a “cool mom”


Take a road trip with my friends from NY to LA


Get a 1370 on my SAT’s


Sneak into movies all day long


Visit Auschwitz in Poland


Visit Gilligan’s Island


Go Scuba Diving


Take a few orphans on a shopping spree and buy them whatever they want


Own a Lamborghini


Learn how to drive a stick shift


Fly a plane


Get my belly button pierced


Be on newly weds


Become Best friends with Mary Kate and Ashley


Steal Mary Kate and Ashley’s clothes


Be on a Pepsi commercial


Have a mansion in the Hamptons.


Meet the cast of WICKED


Be one of the leads in WICKED


Travel to all seven continents


Swim in all 4 oceans and the Dead Sea


Visit the seven world wonders