The Life List of

Megha Duggal

  Get married and have children
  Go to a good law school 
  Become a lawyer
  Become a millionaire
  Be richer than my brother 


Go to the 7 man made wonders of the world


Learn how to speak Hindi perfectly


Learn how to cook Indian food


Go to a good college


Own my own business
  Travel to all the state in the US


Always be in shape and healthy
  Travel to all the important temples in India
  Learn to play tennis
  Study abroad in any country during college
  Have above a 3.0 GPA all through college
  Get involved with the restate business
  Become my own boss in any career I do
  Own a house in Purchase
  Marry a man with the same religion as me
  Travel out of the country a least once a year
  Get laser eye surgery 
  Live in a country for fun for a least 6 months 
  Live in New York city for a little portion of my life
  Become a grandmother
  Continue the Hindu religious events my mother does
  Be a good responsible mother
  Be a mother and still have a good career
  Fall in love with a man my parents approve of