The Life List of

Amanda Fuller



Go on a road trip


Write a book


Go to Oireachtas (eastern Regionals for Irish Dancing) and place


Compete in Preliminaries and place in the top half


Change the stupid misconceptions people have about Irish dancing in as many people as possible


Write a book


Learn to play my guitar
  Get a 5 on an AP exam


Adopt a child


Get married and have children


Get a dog
  Live to see my grandchildren


Study abroad in Ireland


Live in Dublin for at least 6 months


Graduate High School and go to college


Live in Australia


Learn at least 2 more languages
  Learn to do my own laundry


Give back to my family for all that they have done for me
  Learn to surf
  Make National Honor Society
  Invent something
  Build something
  Go to every state
  Go to all the 7 wonders on the world
  Affect someone's life in a positive way