The Life List of

Pamela Fuller


  Places to Visit:
  Quebec and Montreal
  The Eiffel Tower


Acquire Skills:


speaking French almost fluently


learn to speak some Italian


learn to use sign language


learn to ride a bicycle


learn to ride a motorcycle, get motorcycle license


Things to do:
  go bobsledding


get a third earring hole


get my belly button pierced


get a tattoo
  go on a dogsled ride


go sky diving


get a MBA


get a PhD




have children (2-3 maybe)
  become a grandmother


appear in real court as a witness
  own a puppy
  be in the top 15 % or 25 kids in my senior class
  pass my Senior MITF before I graduate HS
  pass all my gold ice dances before I graduate HS
  confront my childhood love
  deal with my fear of water, drowning and bridges
  deal with my fear of hospitals, nursing homes
go to a winter Olympics again (already went to Albertville, France in '92 and Lillehammer, Norway in '94)
  go to a summer Olympics
  go to another Synchronized skating world competitions (already went to the 2003 Ottawa, Canada one)