The Life List of

Rizwan Hasan


Go t   Go to a good college

  Make my parents proud of me
  Get a perfect bowling score
  Learn to play guitar
  Learn to play the piano


Jump into a pool of blue Jell-O


Operate a bulldozer


Help an old lady cross the street


Convince that same old lady to include me in her will


Tackle a midget
  Fire a rocket launcher


Go to a rave
  Make out with a chick from every country in the world
  Play paintball
  Learn to joust
  Drive a monster truck
  Go to Brazil
  Go to Paris
  Go to Alaska and befriend an Eskimo
  Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  Ride a polar bear
  Spend a night in an igloo
  Go to outer space
  Meet some nice aliens
  Become a good will ambassador on their planet
  Ride a shark
  French kiss a French girl
  Learn how to snowboard
  Reach Nirvana
  Meet a girl worth giving up everything for
  Get married to that girl
  Have 2 or 3 kids
  Eat the best food the world has to offer
  Inspire someone to do something positive with their lives
  Go skydiving, parasailing, and jet skiing
  Have a pet penguin
  Kiss someone underwater
  Go to a strip club
  Get a tattoo of a smiley on my derriere
  Play leap frog with Will Ferrell
  Learn Capoeira
  Become a master in yielding Kitanas, Bo Staffs, Nun chucks, and Scies
  Play Twister naked with the Spice Girls
  Rent out the playboy mansion for one night
  Turn a gay woman straight
  Use a flamethrower
  Be an extra in a Quentin Tarantino movie
  Buy an island in the Pacific inhabited by many beautiful naked native women