The Life List of

Amanda Lavin

  Get above 1250 on my SAT's
  Have above a 90 average for the year
  Graduate high school
  Live and go to college in the city
  Try out for American Idol for fun


Ski in Utah


Win some sort of ski race


Learn to snow board


Run a marathon


Run a mile in under 6 minutes
  Complete a triathlon


Be able to sight read any song on the piano
  Be at Level 6 in piano
  Learn to play the guitar
  Take singing lessons
  Sing on a stage in front of more than 1000 people
  Sit front row center at a big concert
  Get laser eye surgery
  Have a conversation with a celebrity
  Be in the audience of Oprah
  Be an extra in a movie
  Own a Lexus SC430 convertible
  Live like a celebrity super spender for a week
  Date a musician
  Date someone the total opposite of me
  Fall in Love
  Get married
  Have at least two kids
  Visit Europe
  Go bungee jumping
  Go Sky Diving
  Learn to surf
  Live in LA for a short time
  Be a seat filler in an Awards Show
  Be caller 100 on z100 and win something good
  Be a contestant on The Real World or Road Rules and come back for the challenges
  Shop in Paris
  Do a back hand spring
  Grow at least one more inch
  Dye my hair dark brown and keep it for at least a year
  Have a successful career that I love
  Stay Close with my sisters and cousins
  Stay close with my all my best friends right now
  Live to be 100