The Life List of

Julian Levine



Graduate High School


Be an All-Section Lacrosse player


be in the top 10 % of my class


Get a bachelors degree


get a masters degree


Go to one of the top 10 business schools in the country


Become a CEO of a company
  Start my own company w/ Tyler Thompson


Publish and write a book


Get married before 32 years of age.


Become a father
  Become a grandfather


Become a great-grandfather


Own a MLL Lacrosse Team


Live in a country in Europe for over 6 months


Visit the 7 wonders of the world


Visit Israel
  Be in 4 states at once


Visit Madagascar
  Visit the Fiji Islands
  Visit Ya-hoo-jah
  Walk along the Great Wall
  Leave a prayer in the Wailing Wall
  Visit Antarctica
  Stay in touch with my childhood friends forever
  Visit every country i know someone from
  Stay in the Alps, Whisler, Colorado, and Utah each for a winter and ski every single day
  Go cliff diving
  Ski dive from a helicopter
  Visit every nation an Olympics has been held in
  Visit the family of 1,000 Holocaust victims or survivors
  Watch the Yankees win 3 W.S.C in a row
  Watch the Red Sox in their next W.S. appearance in 2090

Appear in a movie

  Meet Pamela Anderson
  Attend a baseball game in every ballpark in the country with my son
  Become tri-lingual
  Move to California for 1 year
  Learn to surf
  Become friends with Hugh Hefner and Steven Spielberg
  Appear on SNL for anything
  Play Anna Kournikiva in tennis and win
  Own a yacht and travel
  Own a jet ski
  Make an invention
  Have a healthy an happy family of me, my wife, and 2 kids.