The Life List of

Jackie Lividini

graduate high school
get accepted into holy cross
build a house for someone that cannot afford one
make a difference in at least one person's life
have a song written about/for me
visit a new country every two years
conquer my fear of heights
get married
buy a house
have 3 children
have grandchildren
go on a cruise
visit Hawaii
spend a summer in Italy
buy a house in San Marino, Italy near my relatives
speak Italian fluently
go to a ski lodge in Canada and Utah
study abroad during my junior year in college
create a charity
help find a cure for lymes disease
go on a road trip
learn how to snowboard
  become better at directions and know how to get home from obvious places
  try and get my whole family to live on the same street
go white water rafting
buy a boat
sail to different islands with my family/close friends
visit every continent
swim with dolphins
get eye correction surgery
ride a horse on the beach
spend a night on the beach under the stars
visit every state in the u.s.
work in a homeless shelter
live in the city for a brief period of time
spend a year in California and/or Florida
visit Vatican city
spend a whole day in and out of church on all-souls day
re-learn how to play the piano
take guitar and/or singing lessons
go to a concert