The Life List of

Amanda Malfitano

  Graduate high school
  Be one of the top 10 who graduated from my class
  Get accepted to Villanova and Princeton
  Graduate college
  Become a famous film writer for movies


Become rich


Become famous


Meet Michael Phelps


Get good enough at swimming to get moved into lane 3 (with the faster kids)


Break a minute in my 100 freestyle
  Get moved up to the senior a team (for swimming) before I graduate


Study for a semester in Italy
  Have a house in Stowe Vermont modeled after the one in White Christmas
  Become a ski instructor
  Get married
  Go on a honeymoon in Europe
  Have a son
  Have a daughter
  Become a grandmother
  Live long enough to become a great grandmother
  Go to the Caribbean
  Become a swim coach
  Eat two whole pints of ice cream non-stop
  Go on date with Ryan Cabrera
  Ski nosedive 5 times in a row, non-stop
  Become good at skiing moguls so I can beat my brother
  Beat my brother's all time best for golf on the South Course
  Buy Stowe
  Make the top 8 in the 17 and under girls 100 freestyle
  Buy a house in the Napa Valley
  Own a vineyard to make wine