The Life List of

Toni Marraccini



Own a horse


Run a ranch for kids with cancer or disabilities or as a rehabilitation center or correctional facility


Horseback ride on the beach


Learn to play polo


Get married


Have children


Study abroad


Graduate High School


Go to college


Travel to:

  • Italy

  • Greece

  • England

  • Egypt

  • South Africa

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • Australia


Go to il Palio: a horserace in Siena, Italy

Coach a swim team


Fly over the Rocky Mountains


See the Grand Canyon


Swim in the: Dead Sea, Red Sea, and Mediterranean Sea


Be in four states at once (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona)


Become fluent in Italian

  Learn the basics of: German, Spanish, French


Visit every continent
  Build a well in a third world country

Go on a cruise


 Learn to change a tire

  Learn to swing dance and ballroom dance

Learn to surf


Become a certified WSI (Water Safety Instructor)

  Become a certified SCUBA diver
  Get a pilots license
  Get a boaters license
  Go white water rafting

Learn to wrestle

  Learn to play: guitar, drums, and piano