The Life List of

Catie Mustacato

  Get married
  Have children
  Have grandchildren
  Graduate from high school
  Graduate from college


Get accepted to Columbia


Get a 1250 or higher on my SATs


Study abroad in Australia


Have a successful career


Visit all 50 states
  Travel to Europe, Australia and Africa


Live in New York City for a portion of my life
  Swim with dolphins
  Have a job (even if only temporary) working with/studying dolphins
  See a bottle-nose dolphin in the wild
  See an orca whale in the wild
  Cure a disease
  Get involved and raise as much money as I can for charity
  Retire and try new things (like travel to many different places and do things I couldn’t do while working)
  Have a variety of pets (especially a rottweiler)
  Live for at least 1 year in Europe
  Own a house
  Pass my house on to my kids
  Live to be at least 85
  Feel content when I die