The Life List of

Dan Schaffert

  Backpack around Europe
  Visit the jungles of Africa
  Go to New Zealand
  Go to Australia
  Parachute out of an airplane


Get married


 Father at least one boy


Father at least one girl


Go white water rafting


Shoot a sniper rifle (just at targets I canít kill anything)
  Fly a plane (fighter jet)


Catch a large mouth bass
  Go fishing in all the great Lakes
  Catch a Marlin
  Go whale watching
  Learn how to surf
  Compose at least one 7 song solo CD
  Have the job Iíve always wanted
  Be a success at the job I do
  Find the woman of my dreams
  Go on a helicopter
  Drop out of a helicopter and go skiing
  Own a Jack-Russell Terrier
  Learn how to play drums (set)
  Build a house
  Run a mile under 5 Ĺ minutes
  Throw a 85 mph fastball
  Go hang gliding
  Jump of a cliff into a waterfall
  Go to Hawaii
  Drive/own a Lamborghini
  Beat Halo on Heroic under 10 hours
  Win more than I started with in a casino
  Go to an Olympic event
  Look at the stars with a big telescope (like the ones that are buildings)
  Make out with my high school crush
  Design a video game
  Write a commercial
  Learn how to play violin
  Go to a Nebraska Cornhusker national championship college football game
  Be in a movie
  Meet Jim Carry
  Meet Brad Pitt
  Meet Edward Norton
  Meet Sarah Michelle Gellar
  Meet Maria Sharapova
  Meet Kirsten Dunst
  Kiss any of the females that I have named
  Ride in a fighter jet
  Learn falconry
  See a live performance of Finch
  Be a grandfather
  Be a god-father
  Dunk a basketball
  Domesticate a skunk
  Own a chameleon