The Life List of

Daniel Segal

  get published
  at least a six figure salary by the time I'm 30
  date a girl of every nationality
  get accepted to an ivy league school


play D-1 sport


backpacking through Europe


3 children


bring back the NHL


get a masters
  visit China


live in at least 5 major cities
  work for the New York Times at some point
  CEO, president, or board member of a fortune 500 company
  ring the bell on Wall Street
  eat French cuisine in France
  speak 4 languages
  earn a credit in a culinary course
  keep my weight under 190
  play men's league sports
  win money from a casino
  get over my fear of heights
  own a car worth over $50,000
  sell my artwork (models from when I was in 8th grade)
  learn to at least hold a beat, maybe even play an instrument
  save a life
  built a hot rod like Tim Allen did on tool time
  get a hot wife who is smart and can cook