The Life List of

Bobby Sinnott



Run and survive in the Running of the Bulls.


Grow an extremely large pumpkin and win a biggest vegetable contest.


Own a dog.


Get on a reality T.V. show.


Win a Dodgeball tournament.


Learn how to Fence.


Write an autobiography.
  Learn to play guitar.


Learn to drive stick shift.


Own a Corvette.


Climb the Empire State Building stairs.
  Find a perfect movie rated 15 in bobby’s movie ratings.


Go hot air ballooning.


Make a house out of cards taller than the average human being.


Learn Kung Fu or Judo.


Be in a boxing match.


Go on a road trip.
  Enter an arm wrestling tournament.


Go deep-sea fishing.
  Ride a mechanical bull.
  Go hang gliding.
  Kick a 50 yard field goal.
  Swim in a pool of Jello naked.
  Win at Reversi against my sister.
  Find true love.
  Learn how to pick a lock and open a safe combination.
  Realize the meaning of life.
  Cut down a large tree.
  Build a tree house using wood from the tree I cut down.
  Participate in a civil war reenactment.
  Do as the Romans do.
  Build a glass house.
  Find out how many licks it actually does take, to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.
  Save someone’s life.
  Throw stones inside the glass house.