The Life List of

Gena Skoufalos


  Graduate college
  Get my masters in teaching
  Learn to play the trumpet
  Learn Greek fluently


Refine my piano and flute skills


Visit the whole world… yes, everywhere!


Fall in love


Get married in my 20’s


Have three children


Buy a house in Cape Cod on the beach


Be a fun, cool mom


Stand in four states at the same time


Learn the constellations and be able to find them


Sing in a band
  Visit Monet’s garden, and pack a picnic just like in Linea in Monet’s Garden


Hold a koala


Go to Africa and ride an elephant


Change at least two people’s lives


Be as happy as I am now, always


Stay over in an ice hotel


Run a mile in 6 minutes


Learn to surf


Learn to snowboard


Learn to ski well


Learn Japanese


Get my drivers license


Learn to fly a plane


Visit the wonders of the world (natural and man-made)


Visit every state at least once


Learn to play the guitar


Eat Belgium Waffles in Belgium


Jump out of an airplane


Cliff dive


Go bungee jumping


Write a children’s book


Become a speech therapist


Do something wild and out of character


Stay really close with my whole family


Keep my friendships


1370 or better on my SATs


Work at the Ronald McDonald House