The Life List of

Devon Welstead


Meet Mandy Moore and tell her sheís awesome!


Go sky diving


Get accepted/graduate from UPenn


Have a star named after me


Sing the national anthem at an important event


Break 60 seconds in the 400m by the time Iím 20 years old


Get married
  Get a dog


Work at Abercrombie/be an Abercrombie model ((yeah right!))


Own a BMW


Take fashion design classes
  Get a 5 on my AP psychology exam!


Make my parents and my brothers proud


Travel with both of my brothers


Crowd surf


Live in Canada (Toronto)


Live in New York City
  Do a home-stay in Spain


Dance at Lincoln Center
  Have sex on the beach
  Skate at Rockefeller Center at Christmas
  Be at least 5í8Ē
  Learn to speak French fluently
  Learn to play the guitar!
  Have a daughter named Grace
  Audition for Broadway
  Be in a movie/tv show
  Go to L.A.
  Go skiing/snowboarding
  Learn to drive stick shift
  See Dave Matthews live in concert
  Get a 1300+ on my SATís
  Keep in touch with all of my good friends after high school
Be/feel invincible
  Get a Volkswagen beetle convertible for my 17th birthday
  Join a sorority in college
  Volunteer at an animal shelter
  Change someoneís life for the better
Work with little kids
  Be 100% honest and 100% trustworthy
  Believe in God
  Save someoneís life
  Travel somewhere random with just a backpack
  Pass my road test
  Stop my addiction to Starbucks Coffee/caffeine
  See an end to the war in Iraq
  Visit all 10 Canadian provinces and all 3 territories
  Buy 1 of every kind of candy at Dylanís Candy Bar
  Be completely unselfish for at least 24 hours
  Sail to Bermuda