The Life List of

Sarah Witkin


Get into college

  Visit: Japan, Brazil, Spain, Islands in the South Pacific
  Have my own apartment
  Own a sailboat
  Live in Italy and speak Italian fluently
  Ski/Snowboard in Colorado


Learn how to play the guitar


Design my own house


Spend time helping people in a poor country


Help homeless people in NY


Work in a hospital
  Design evening gowns


Have my art shown in NYC
  Run in the NYC Marathon
  Rock climb in Yosemite
  Drive across the country, camping along the way
  Travel throughout Europe
  Get married
  Have kids
  Buy an awesome car
  Hike into the Grand Canyon
  Ride in a helicopter
  Go to Hawaii
  Have a dog
  Learn how to surf really well
  Learn how to snowboard really well
  Sail around the Mediterranean
  Design/own a restaurant/hotel
  Fall in love
  Live in an exotic place