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Administration on Aging —  The Administration on Aging (AoA), a part of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, web site provides information for Older Americans, their families, and others involved in providing opportunities and services to enrich the lives of older persons and support their independence.
Adult Development and Aging Newsletter —  The APA Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging) Newsletter.  A few selected articles from each issue, since the 1996 issues, are available online.
Alzheimer Web —  A major source of information about Alzheimer’s Disease and research into its causes and possible cures.
APA Division 7, Developmental Psychology Page APA Division 20, Adult Development and Aging Page APA – Qs and As about Memories of Childhood Abuse Baby List —  Information and resources about infants and young children for parents and parents-to-be.
Basic Embryology Review Program — View the appearance of the embryo during the embryonic and fetal periods.  Follow the  developmental sequence from fertilization through birth.  Requires a JavaScript capable browser.
Center for Adolescent Studies Home Page — The Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL) is of particular interest.  ADOL is an electronic guide to information on adolescent issues, including health and mental health issues, and resources about conflict and violence reduction.
The Child Psychologist — Rene Thomas Folse has created a site that focuses on Specific Disorders and Other Reasons for Concern about the behavior of children, and Treatment, Resources and Remediation of some of these disorders and concerns.  You will also find links to information about specific diagnostic tests. — Provides access to federal and state statistics and reports on children and their families, including: population and family characteristics, economic security, health, behavior and social environment,and education.
The Death Clock — How much time do you have left?
Developmental Psychology – Internet Information
Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development Tutorial — First 9 Months – A multimedia journey … — You will need a a “late model” browser and QuickTime to see it all, but it is more than worth the time.
Institute for Behavioral Genetics
Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development Tutorial
Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development
Midwifery, Pregnancy. Birth, Childbirth, Breastfeeding
Moral Development and Education, An Overview of  — Piaget, Kohlberg, Turiel, and Gilligan.
The Myth That Schools Shortchange Girls — Do schools shortchange girls?  Obviously not everyone agrees. — Offers an extensive listing of material relating to the topics of developmental psychology.  Another form of pregnancy calendar is among the offerings.
Partnership for Caring  —  A great site for information about important “end of life” issues.  The state-specific Advance Directives packages are of particular value.
Piaget’s Genetic Epistemology JEAN PIAGET’S THEORY OF DEVELOPMENT — A good “tutorial” covering Piaget’s bio, views on childhood intellect, stages of development, and conservation experiments.
The Jean Piaget Society  Should children be told fairy-tales? — Arguments for and against, from 1903.
UMHS Heath Topics A to Z — Includes many topics of interest to developmental psychology.
A great resource. The Visible Embryo – Learn about the 23 stages occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy and every two weeks of the second and third trimesters.  Navigate through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and preview the unique changes in each stage of human development. There is an extensive bibliographic glossary and some interesting games you can play.
Vygotsky’s Cultural/Cognitive Theory Of Development
Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory — A brief summary of Vygotshy’s theory. .
Home Page for The WonderWise Parent —  Free on-line courses, programs, radio commentaries, and parent-child humor are provided by Dr. Charles A. Smith, at Kansas State University.

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