Guide To The Different Types Of Psychologists And What They Do

Psychology is a broad field of study applicable to every part of human life. This gives budding psychologists a number of specialties to pursue. In fact, it seems as if there is a subfield for every interest. We believe it is never too early to consider your academic and professional options. Listed below are some … Continue reading “Guide To The Different Types Of Psychologists And What They Do”

10 of The Most Influential 20th Century Psychologists

As we merge ever more into society as we age, we are constantly learning new ideas and ideals such as ​assimilation psychology. In doing this, we experience things that either change or confirm our current state of mind.  This is why we are often drawn to people that have new perspectives or ideas that we … Continue reading “10 of The Most Influential 20th Century Psychologists”

What Will Your Nursing Career Look Like?

A nursing career is a way of life, not just a job. Nursing is defined by the work ethic and dedication required to provide care to patients in the healthcare setting. It’s what makes you an invaluable asset to your organization; you’re providing a service that has lasting effects on individuals and society. Nursing careers … Continue reading “What Will Your Nursing Career Look Like?”

The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love   Harry F. Harlow (1958) University of Wisconsin Address of the President at the sixty-sixth Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D. C., August 31, 1958. First published in American Psychologist, 13, 573-685. Love is a wondrous state, deep, tender, and rewarding. Because of its intimate and personal nature … Continue reading “The Nature of Love”

Abnormal Psychology

In the last four days have you had some nausea?  Some chills?  Muscle fatigue?  A sore throat?  These are the first symptoms of the Ebola virus and you will soon have severe hemorrhaging and begin to bleed out of your organs.  You will be dead within 7-16 days. In reality you do not have the … Continue reading “Abnormal Psychology”

What You Need to Know About Weber’s Law

Psychology has always been a study that constantly asks a single question: Why? Why do we think this way? Why do we feel this way? Why do we behave this way? In a discipline so deeply linked to philosophy, it should come as no surprise that many theorems in psychology are still unanswered questions. There … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Weber’s Law”

AP Psychology Study Resource: Drive Theory

A solid understanding of the various theories of motivation is essential for success on your AP Psychology exam. Drive theory is not, at present, a particularly well-regarded theory but it was deeply influential in the field of psychology throughout the 20th century. On your exam, you will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the basic … Continue reading “AP Psychology Study Resource: Drive Theory”

AP Psychology Study Resource: Perceptual Constancy Definition

Not everything is at it seems. The world around us appears to be what it is. Your car looks the same today as it did yesterday. That tree outside in your front yard hasn’t changed much over the last few hours. So how do our body and our mind process the existence of things, based … Continue reading “AP Psychology Study Resource: Perceptual Constancy Definition”

Humanistic Perspective: AP Psychology Study Resource

Everyone has been through something. Whether it’s small or big, positive or negative, the experiences we have growing up shape who we are as adults. The brain comprises many layers of memories. Some of these memories we suppress, while others come back to haunt us from time to time. Some are voluntarily brought out for … Continue reading “Humanistic Perspective: AP Psychology Study Resource”

Cerebral Cortex: What Is It?

What Is The Cerebral Cortex What is the cerebral cortex? The cerebral cortex is the most important part of our brain (at least in the field of psychology) because it is what makes us human. The cerebral cortex (sometimes referred to as called “gray matter”), is actually densely packed neurons.  We actually are born with … Continue reading “Cerebral Cortex: What Is It?”